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sass01 Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets - Sass 14 hours Very Short Intro CSS limitations Less vs Sass Community and improvment CSS Extensions Nested Rules Referencing Parent Selectors: & Nested Properties Placeholder Selectors: %foo SassScript Interactive Shell Variables: $ Data Types Operations Parentheses Functions Interpolation: #{} & in SassScript Variable Defaults: !default @-Rules and Directives @import @media @extend @at-root @debug @warn @error Control Directives & Expressions if() @if @for @each @while Mixin Directives Defining a Mixin: @mixin Including a Mixin: @include Arguments Passing Content Blocks to a Mixin Function Directives Output Style :nested :expanded :compact :compressed Extending Sass Defining Custom Sass Functions Cache Stores Custom Importers  

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Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets - Sass - Москва, Moscow, Begovoy Districtср, 2017-12-20 09:302890EUR / 3390EUR

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